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January Sales

January Sales

January Sale
January Sales : The Best Bargain Buys
December 2016 | Words by Anna Koukis
Yay for January sales!  We have gone on a bargain hunt to search out the best buys to give you more time to work off that Christmas pud in the gym… Thank us later!!
January Sales
As always – the fabulous Stella McCartney has made our list of must haves.  The Stella McCartney sale is AMAZING. We love this two piece available here.
Another R&R fave – Mini Rodini have outdone themselves with this fabulous puffa.  Of all of 2016’s trends, the resurgence of the puffa jacket was the most unexpected – and, it turns out, the most popular.  Powering through into 2017 this 90’s classic is a street style favourite here to stay.  Keep your little one warm and cool with this jacket for as good as half price at £64.00.
January Sales
A brand with clothing designed for sparky little individuals great senses of humour, Oh Baby London fights against the dull and uninspired and, well, pastel garments so readily available.  We are being spoilt with the sale items on the site – certain garments, such as this stripy number are down to a whopping £5!!! Get shopping here.

Since we discovered Bob & Blossom we have been Obsessed.  With a capital O.  These letters are a super cute way to decorate a room – they have definitely made the R&R’s office a lot brighter.  With certain letters available for a bargain price we recommend heading over to the site and snapping some up ASAP.

Just how cute is this dress!  With the same print available on trousers and tops it’s a sure winner for the whole clan..
This smart reversible waterproof raincoat with Elfie’s signature pointy elfin hood is a gorgeous and stylish way to work the English weather.
January Sales
Can we get this in our size please?  Now £8! #bargain.


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