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Back to School : School Shoes

Kids School Shoes
Back to School : School Shoes
August 2016 | Words by Anna Koukis

Although it feels like the six weeks’ holidays have only just begun the kids will be back at school in a matter of days! We all know from the caked mud they bring back on their scuffed shoes (and those shirts that start off a crisp white!) that a pair of sturdy kid’s school shoes that will last are needed. Try selling a pair of shoes to a trend conscious child due to their durability however… The older they get the more they tend to opt for style over substance. We need more than just good quality shoes to keep this lot happy. Here are just a few of our favourite kid’s school shoes that will keep your child on trend whilst being foot friendly.

Ballerina Shoes
Admittedly, probably not the most mud friendly pair of kid’s school shoes, but believe it or not there are some parents who have children who don’t come home looking like they went digging in marshes during their lunch time. If you are one of the lucky ones we advise you check out Pretty Ballerinas. Stocking a range of glorious shoes that will take your child from the classroom to the after school party these are a well made beautiful pair of kid’s school shoes that will have your child feeling like they are the belle of the ball. Slightly costly a pair of ballerina pumps like these star ones will set you back around £79.00.
Young Soles Kids shoes
Young soles are a luxury children’s footwear brand that design shoes for both younger boys and girls. Designed in East London they have a retro cool selection of kids shoes that won’t look far from the kid’s school shoes you 80’s babies would have worn back in the day. Young Soles acknowledge new trends and apply them to traditional style shoes. They just love the smell of natural materials over at the Young Soles HQ, they use the softest and most supple leather of the highest quality to make their linings meaning the shoes shape around each foot.
Gucci Kids Shoes
Having been a name known by everybody since, well, forever, Gucci is a brand renowned for its stylish and timeless design. Founded in the 1920’s Gucci is an unflappable fashion house that now offers the most incredibly well made shoes for little feet. Buy your little prince his shoes from Selfridges.
Mayoral Kids Shoes
Celebrating over 75 years of business Mayoral pride themselves on making good, proper clothing and shoes for children of all ages. We love these Mary Jane’s perfect for kid’s school shoes for sale at Alex and Alexa for £26.00.
Dolce and Gabbana Kids shoes
As you know we luuurve a bit of D&G kids and this pair of fringed beauties are top of our wish list. Definitely at the higher end of the price spectrum at an impressive £215.00, but you are paying for quality here. They will last as long as their foot size remains the same and of course, with the on trend fringing and silky red insoles these are not to be used just as kid’s school shoes but as party shoes also.
Zara Kids Shoes
Cute, on trend and comfy. Zara kids shoes are like baby replicas of the adults footwear designs. Well priced and a look any child would love to rock. Be careful as sizes can come up a little bit small.


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