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To Infinity and Beyond: Kids Fashion Trend AW16

Kids fashion trend
Space Themed Collections for AW16
August 2016 | Words by Anna Koukis

Space has always been a popular theme within kids fashion but it is set to make a meteoric rise in popularity after having a starring role in SS & AW collections by big brands such as MGSM, Herschel, Paul Smith Junior and a Ray & Robin favourite – Anne Kurris. It’s clear this trend is finally having it’s time in the sun.

Check out our top five space themed garments that will rocket your kid to the top of the style charts.

Kids fashion trend
MiMiSol was launched in 2011 by Italian designer Imelde Bronzieri. It is one of the brands that gets us really excited about Kid’s fashion. Each collection has a separate theme that is bursting with vintage charm comprising of traditional garments blended with modern twists. As with every garment designed by Bronzieri, each item in the Constellation collection is made with the most luxurious materials – fine silks, expensive velvet and often individually embroidered. We recommend rocketing into this trend with a bang and what a better way to do it than in a MiMiSol Constellation dress.
Kids fashion trend
Cool and colourful this adorable swimsuit by Mini Rodini is perfectly on trend. Featuring a space print this cossie for stylish babies can also be worn as a top with leggings or shorts. Available at Childrensalon for £46.00 we recommend snatching up this gem to make the most of the last September sun. Buy it here.
Kids fashion trend
Let a canopy of stars keep you dry with this large Cosmos Umbrella. The umbrella opens automatically at the touch of a button and has a strong fiberglass frame for wind resistance. It looks like science is officially cool. Take a trip to the Science Museum where you can purchase this brolly for a bargain £20.00. Kid’s Fashion merging with education? Yes please!
Kids fashion trend
Oh Stella, Queen of exercise gear. Just look at these little leggings! If there is a more stylish way to entice youngsters into keeping fit we can’t think what it could possibly be! Kid’s fashion is so great now it will have us so called adults just making sure we can’t fit into a 13 y/o’s exercise gear. Check out the Stella Kids range for more space themed kidswear.
kids fashion trend
Created to challenge the stereotypical clothing available for a decent price on the high street Sewing Circus produces kidswear with no boundaries. Dinosaurs for girls? Pink for boys? Why on earth not! Here at Ray & Robin we are firm believers in unisex clothing and we admire Sewing Circus for creating a space where children don’t have to feel intimidated by boys & girls sections. Kid’s fashion has come along way from pink for girls, blue for boys and we have brands like Sewing Circus to thank for this. We love this amazing Cosmos Pinafore available for just £29.99.


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